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Fresh Fish from Spain

Sea products for the professional wholesaler

We offer the best fish and shellfish all over Spain.
Our service and quality has been established over the last 100 years.

The wholesalers that represent Exportecnia in Mercamadrid are traditional companies but at the same time innovative and prepared for the future. On the one hand it has the best team of professionals in the industry and on the other, its installations today. The installations have a surface space of more than 3000 M2 with the highest technology and totally computerized systems. The computer system specifically designed for us, allows the companies to carry out a complete tracking and control of the products from their entry into the installations until their exit and final delivery to the client.

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5 advantages of working with us as supplier of fresh fish and shellfish.

  1. Proven Quality. All of our wholesalers are the leaders in the industry for the past 100 years.
  2. Delivery. We offer our clients the best delivery service, guaranteeing the cold chain during the whole reception process, preparation and shipment from the point of entry of the goods into our installations until the reception by our client.
  3. Customer Service. Our wholesalers are a family run business and we overlook the day to day working of the business.
  4. Selection and quality. We choose and select the best quality products from our suppliers.
  5. Advice. We inform you of the best seasonal products, the latest novelties from the industry and in general all the information the client needs to have access to the best products.
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Fish and Shellfish wholesaler

Your establishment receives the best fish available daily.

We supply all types of fish and shellfish, fresh and frozen. This allows us to have the largest variety of products to supply our clients with.

These products are obtained daily and directly from the main national and international fish ports and are received at in Mercamadrid.

We manage among the largest volumes of fresh fish nationally and this allows us to offer our clients the most competitive prices together with the best quality and service in the industry. This has given us the great recognition and positioning we enjoy and has always distinguished us.

As a company that bases its way of doing business in offering the client the best service and the best products with the desired quality, we can affirm that this makes us the ideal solution for all our clients where they will find the best fish and shellfish in “The best port in the capital of Spain”.

Logistics and service

In Spain we have same day delivery and before 12 pm the next day in most of the countries.

We are dedicated to serving the whole wholesalers industry with all the service and quality guarantees. This includes service to the main international airports as well as fine wholesalers including the most prestigious international ones.

The internal structure of us is responsible for selecting the best product, preparing it according to the client’s wishes, transporting it in the best conditions and delivering it in the shortest possible time to any part of abroad.

Clients from abroad can place their orders and receive their order the following day before 12 Pm.

We can be reached by email, telephone, Skype or fax for orders or any other questions.

Our Installations

Tradition and innovation united to give the best service and the highest

The installations for the conservation and preparation of the fish incorporate machines with the most innovative technology in the industry which allows the fish and shellfish to be maintained and elaborated with the best sanitary and quality conditions. These innovative installations make us the reference point of the industry today and give our companies the highest projection for the future.

We have a building of more than 3000 M2 for the reception, conservation, preparation and shipment of the products to our clients.

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The professionals

Our most valuable asset

We have the best team of professionals in the industry and some of them have been in our companies for more than 50 years. This is our best asset and the basis of our success and the good operation of the company during all these years.

This team’s know how is complemented with the possibility of working with the most innovative machinery in the industry and the most advanced computer systems.

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Mercamadrid market

Mercamadrid is the second largest fish market in the world after Tsukiji. We receive fresh fish every day from all Spanish coasts, Portugal, north of Africa and south of Europe. The variety is huge and the fish is top quality.

We offer you the possibility to introduce our fish in your market. You can get fresh fish from Spain in 24 hours since capture with at honest price.

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The Process

When the fish arrive to the port, it is shipped by refrigerated trucks to the capital of Spain, Madrid. We receive the fish in Mercamadrid market and choose the best quality for exportation. After that we send the fish to Barajas airport in refrigerated trucks, pass the customs and ship it by air . The whole process is completely done in only 24 hours.

Mercamadrid is the perfect hub to distribute the fish from Spain because we are in the center of the peninsula, equal distance from all the main fish ports. We also have the best connections by highway with different ports of the peninsula. Mercamadrid is near (less than 12 km) to the main international airport of Spain, Barajas, with direct flights to main international airports of the world.

The quantity of fish that we receive from all the different ports is so big that we usually say that the best fish port in Spain is Madrid, just in the center of Peninsula!